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2023 Speech-Language Pathology Professors

There are about 12,716 students enrolled in Speech-Language Pathology in the USA.

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Fast Facts for Speech-Language Pathology: Median Professor Rating: 4.2 / 5, which is above average.

Professors oftentimes have a great impact your college experience, regardless of your primary focus. A thoughtful instructor can provide inspiration and set a student up for future success. On the other hand, a bad experience with a professor can mess up your schooling or even worse... fail you!

Professors of Speech-Language Pathology have a median student rating of 4.2 out of 5, which puts these professors in the upper 36th percentile in the United States based on overall professor quality. For context that's 5% greater than the national median professor rating for all subjects. Speech-Language Pathology professors just surpassed those from "Family and Consumer Economics", whereas "Music Technology"&nbspprofessors ranked one slot above Speech-Language Pathology.

Now for some statistics about Speech-Language Pathology professors. Colleges located in small citys tend to have the best Speech-Language Pathology professors. The Great Lakes Valley Conference has the highest rated Speech-Language Pathology professors. The Southwest region has the highest rated Speech-Language Pathology professors. Private institutions tend to have higher rated Speech-Language Pathology professors than public universities. Finally, Texas has the highest rated Speech-Language Pathology professors in the US.

Darrell Pearson, instructor at Eastern University&nbspin Saint Davids, PA is the most popular Speech-Language Pathology professor in the United States. David Stevens, professor at Columbus State Community College&nbspin Columbus, OH is the highest rated Speech-Language Pathology professor in America, with a rating of 5 / 5.

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