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We serve the people. We have no investors and no outside interests that compromise our commitment to liberating the truth. We’re impartial to the results we present. Our role isn’t to tell you what to do and why, we merely uncover insights, and present the data - enabling you to make the most informed decision possible.






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Yale UniversityPennsylvania State University-Main CampusColumbia University in the City of New YorkThe University of Texas at AustinCornell UniversityNew York University


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We're a group of rouge specialists that have fled the corporate world to unite in liberating truth from the stranglehold of big tech. We're data engineers, data scientists, software engineers, designers, and analysts.

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Senior Frontend Engineer


Coding approximately 80% of the time creating MVPs and proof of concepts
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Solve exceptional challenges with brilliant people

Data Engineer

Data Team

Assemble simplified versions of data interfaces and prototype solutions


Talk of the town

"Trying to choose the perfect college kept me up at night for months, but after finding the pressure and stress I was feeling all but evaporated. I began to see which schools really fit me the best and I had all the information served to me on a platter to to make the best decision possible. I'm thrilled to call Austin home and proudly wear Longhorn orange!"

Derek G

University of Texas

" really helped me in my college search. With so many options to choose from, applying to college can get really overwhelming. Authority was informative and super useful in helping me narrow down the field and I couldn't be happier with where I ended up. Go Cardinals!"

Matt K

Wesley University

Our Data

Enabling Big Data to Make College Decisions

Holistic Data

Effective use of data from numerous authoritative sources means our conclusions represent the entirety of the student experience.

Clarity is King

We simplify the college search with rankings and profiles which present college data so it can easily be understood.

Extensive Data Analytics

Our algorithms are constantly fine tuned and evaluated by our team of data scientists and recent college grads to provide the most accurate representation of the college experience.
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Our Methodology

Data Driven, Human Verified

The Selections

We meticulously combed through thousands of data points to find the best, most accurate representations of the essential aspects of the student experience.

Addressing Subjectivity

We use detailed and comprehensive metrics such as student-to-faculty ratios, retention rates, and graduation rates to provide superior data driven sentiment analysis and educational quality evaluations.

Mathematical Methods

We believe the data, not editors, should tell the story of our colleges and majors. With straightforward mathematical methods like Min-Max feature scaling and Simpson's Diversity Index, Authority makes that a reality.


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