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2023 Pre-Medical Studies Salary

There are about 4,711 students enrolled in Pre-Medical Studies in the USA.

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College is a major investment for most undergraduates. It is important to be confident you are able to justify that investment. We aim for the following job placement and income insights to help you in making a well informed decision when selecting your focus.

The average Pre-Medical Studies alumni makes a starting income of $36,263 per year (close to national median 56th percentile). Further into their careers, they commonly take in somewhere between $43,168 and $189,011, but average about $91,056. To put it in context, that's 2.36 times the United States average.

The most common job title for a Pre-Medical Studies graduate is Registered Nurse, which commonly earn approximately $46,000; next are Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and Consultant, which typically make roughly $56,000 and $56,000 respectively.

The most well paid region for Pre-Medical Studies graduates is The Rocky Mountains. The best paid state for Pre-Medical Studies alumni is UT. Ohio Valley Conference has the highest earning Pre-Medical Studies graduates of any conference..

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