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2023 International Business Popularity

There are about 24,053 students enrolled in International Business in the USA.

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International business is the 71st most popular degree in America, with 6,509 students receiving their bachelors degree last year. It just beat out #72 Human Services, and narrowly lost to #70 Earth Sciences.

The degree is offered at a total of 461 colleges across the nation, and is the 43rd most widely offered degree. It is only offered at 14% of the Top 100 Best Colleges in America.

It is also worth noting that barely above 3/8 of colleges offering international business are public making it a relatively inaccessible field.

The southeast produces the most international business graduates, largely led by Florida International University, while it’s the Conference USA that leads conference totals. As far as states, Florida ranks highest, with particular help from Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University.

All that being said, no individual school produces more international business graduates than Troy University, which graduated 529 students last year alone. Although size is critical, another important factor to consider is the program’s density (the percent of all students that study international business). More students studied international business as a percentage of total students at North Seattle College than any other college.

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