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2023 Human Biology Salary

There are about 2,660 students enrolled in Human Biology in the USA.

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Going to college is a serious investment for most. It is important to lack doubt you get a good return on your investment. We wish for the following income and career stats to assist you in deciding your major at college.

The average Human Biology graduate earns a starting salary of $35,840 per year (close to national median 58th percentile). With experience in their vocations, they usually earn something between $28,083 and $122,555, but average about $59,129. For context, that's 53% above the national average.

The most popular work title for a Human Biology graduate is Analyst, which generally earn approximately $54,000; next are Certified Nursing Assistant and Clinical Medical Assistant, which for the most part make roughly $22,000 and $28,000 respectively.

The highest earning region for Human Biology graduates is The Far West. CA has the highest earning Human Biology alumni of any state. Pacific-12 Conference has the highest grossing Human Biology graduates of any conference..

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