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2023 Health and Wellness Rankings

There are about 17,726 students enrolled in Health and Wellness in the USA.




Studying Health and Wellness is a valuable choice and naturally an obligatory first step for scholars coveting to pursue a career as a community athletic director, a health educator, or a corporate wellness director. Interestingly, nationally, health and wellness is a fairly common choice ranking as the 107th most popular area of study. Last academic year, there were 3,280 health and wellness graduates. In-state tuition for health and wellness at private institutions is, on average, 3.3 times more pricey than their public equivalents.

With only 118 institutions having programs for health and wellness there might be limited options as to the institutions which will have a degree program for you. If you are hoping to immerse yourself with other health and wellness undergrads, consider institutions in Texas which have more undergrads admitted to health and wellness than any other state. Zooming out, the top region to pursue health and wellness is in the Southwest region with University of Houston, Texas A & M University-College Station, and The University of Texas at San Antonio best representing the region. Interestingly, our pick of the best conference to major in health and wellness is the Mountain West Conference with University of Nevada-Reno representing the conference. On that topic, our choice for the best university for health and wellness is Tulane University of Louisiana. You might also want to check out our list of the best colleges.

The objectively best school does not have to be the best school for you. There can be tons of factors to consider when deciding on school. Features such as campus amenities, transportation services, and food would definitely impact one's feelings of where to go to school. Here at, we have weighed the pros and cons for you. If, for example, you want to know which health and wellness school has the best campus, the answer is Purdue University-Main Campus. If you are mostly interested in which university is home to the best campus, then we have an entire list dedicated to that. We have carefully pored through professor reviews, student reviews, government databases, and more in order to evaluate every major in the United States in an unbiased and informative way. Here you can explore our comprehensive list for the schools with the best student life&nbspand from that list, our pick of the school with the best student life for health and wellness is Texas A & M University-College Station. Are you curious why? Continue scrolling to find out more about our top selections. Some of our picks will probably shock you.

If price is a primary deciding factor in your choice of where you attend university, you might consider avoiding Tulane University of Louisiana. Tulane University of Louisiana&nbspappears to be our most expensive college for health and wellness, at least for out of state students. We have a list of the most expensive&nbspschools that could put the expense of Tulane University of Louisiana&nbspinto perspective. Additionally, you could want to know that health and wellness is the 332nd most expensive major in the nation, with an average bill of $21,000. To zoom out a little, the most costly state for health and wellness nationally is Iowa demonstrated with a cost of $43,500 at Luther College. To zoom out even further, the most expensive region of the country for health and wellness is the New England region which is best demonstrated with Keene State College with a cost of $20,942, University of Rhode Island with a cost of $29,710, and University of Vermont with a cost of $41,280.

Our cheapest region for health and wellness is the Southwest region which is represented by Sam Houston State University with a cost of $15,984, Texas Woman's University with a cost of $15,559, and Parker University with a cost of $25,128. In better news, the most affordable university for health and wellness is Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. Our comprehensive list of the most affordable schools can be explored here.

In-state learners can anticipate paying about $9,700 for a degree in health and wellness. The cost increases dramatically to an average of $21,400 for an out-of-state public-school undergraduate. As such, you might be interested in our choice for the school representing the best value for health and wellness: Creighton University. Here you will find our comprehensive list about the schools we believe to be the best value&nbspoverall. Bear in mind, this list is predicated on being an out-of-state student. The value proposition changes when in-state tuition is considered, but as we do not know what state(s) you might qualify for in-state tuition, we are approaching this discussion through out-of-state tuition costs.

Earnings for health and wellness majors vary widely, but two-years after finishing the degree graduates will often make in the neighborhood of $43,200. There is a lot of variation in earnings potential; top earners can rake in up to $77,800. Right out of college, the lowest earning positions within the health and wellness field make $23,900, which is an alright wage. The top earning grads from health and wellness studied at Creighton University&nbspand if you are looking for schools with all of the highest earning graduates, Authority has that too.

The all-around diversity of health and wellness sits near the top, falling in the 78th percentile of all majors. The school with the most composite diversity for health and wellness is Arizona State University-Skysong&nbspand here you can find our general list of the colleges with the most diversity. The overall financial diversity of Health and Wellness only is in the 95th percentile compared to all other majors. Racial diversity is even further below average in the 84th percentile. White collegians make up the largest share at 50% of scholars majoring in health and wellness. Additionally, 71% of scholars seeking a health and wellness degree are women.

The median rating of health and wellness' professors is 4 stars, a score which is surprisingly the average for all majors; which is a fine. If you are looking for the most popular health and wellness professor in the nation, consider looking up Kanathy Haney at Palm Beach State College. It might come as a shock, but the best ranked instructors of health and wellness from student rankings come from University of Central Florida. As we consider data beyond simply rankings we find that the college possessing the best instructors for health and wellness is Purdue University-Main Campus. One will find more detail on our evolving ranking methodology for the best overall professors here, as well as many of the best examples of professors in the country.

Finally, the hardest university to get into for health and wellness is Tulane University of Louisiana. While we are unsure why you would be interested, we have a general page of the hardest colleges to get into. That being said, we do hope you believe that approaching university through a lens primarily formed from superlatives could cause problems. We encourage you to explore our other pages on different universities and peruse a couple of our background articles on important things to look out for as you progress with your college search.

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