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2023 Genetics Salary

There are about 2,096 students enrolled in Genetics in the USA.

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Paying for college is a serious investment for most. It is important to ensure you enlarge your future earning potential. Therefore, we hope the following job placement and earnings facts help you in deciding your focus at college.

The average Genetics major draws a first year salary of $42,044 per annum (top 36%). Further into their careers, they ordinarily earn somewhere between $34,015 and $96,689, but average about $56,966. Just so you know, that is 47% above the nation wide average.

The most common job for a Genetics graduate is Analyst, which ordinarily earn close to $54,000; next are Consultant and Clinical Laboratory Scientist, which generally earn roughly $56,000 and $49,000 respectively.

The Far West has the highest earning Genetics graduates. WI has the highest grossing Genetics alumni of any state. The highest grossing conference for Genetics graduates is Big West Conference.

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