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2023 Agricultural Mechanization Cost

There are about 7,085 students enrolled in Agricultural Mechanization in the USA.

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Agricultural mechanization is the 370th most expensive major in the US, with a median cost of $17,622 among the top 50 programs.

The Southeast has the most expensive schools with top 50 agricultural mechanization programs predominantly led by North Carolina State University at Raleigh with an annual cost of $26,654. Indiana is the most expensive state for agricultural mechanization led by Purdue University-Main Campus.

Public schools with solid programs by and large charge Infinity% more than private schools for in-state students. When looking at out-of-state tuition however, the median top 50 Public school charges Infinity% more than the median private school. So be sure to take a look at public shools in your state sooner rather than later.

The most costly option in the top 25 is Purdue University-Main Campus. The most affordable option in the top 100 is University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez. It costs just $5,952 per year, and it's ranked 7th for its agricultural mechanization program. Another more affordable pick would be #10, South Dakota State University in Brookings County, SD with a cost of $7,697 for in-state students and $11,172 for out-of-state students.

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