Best Community Colleges in Delaware

Best Community Colleges in Delaware

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Why Attend Community College in Delaware?

Studying in Delaware at a community college offers a number of benefits, and can be a great alternative to the higher price tag of larger public institutions and especially private universities. Delaware is home to various educational options, such as Delaware Technical Community College, which has seven campuses throughout the state, offering both on-campus and online courses, at a very reasonable price. University of Delaware, despite being rather selective and quite pricey, also offers associate degree’s at a minimum network price of $12,500.

What Career Pathways Are Available in Delaware?

Delaware's economy is strong, with a total of 533 unique job types to choose from, putting it at 48th among the other states. This puts Delaware a full 26% below the median of 722, which is Louisiana. In terms of labor force, the First State is able to employ 0.31% of the nation’s labor force, at approximately 435,600 people. The state is strong in several different areas, the foremost being agriculture, finance and banking, pharmaceuticals, and transportation.

What Are The Most Common Jobs in Delaware?

With 533 different jobs types in Delaware (some of the more common of which are janitors and cleaners, secretaries and administrative assistants, and customer service representatives), there is bound to be something for everyone.

Janitors and Cleaners

The state of Delaware has 8,110 janitors and cleaners, making it the 45th most popular job type in the state. Wages wise, it's not a bad deal either – the median salary of $29,080 is fairly competitive too, putting Delaware in the 31st ranking spot, with a percentile of 40%. This means that you make more than 60% of other states for the same job. California, for example, leads the nation on this job with more 214,640 janitors and cleaners, making Delaware small potatoes in this regard (-206,530, or -96% less than California).

Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

For those looking for something a bit more office-like, Delaware is home to 7,320 secretaries and administrative assistants. With its 43rd position in terms of job quantity, you can take solace in the fact that the First State is still competitive. In terms of salary, Delaware drains the field, with a median wage of $41,290 - the 14th best in the nation. When examining the percentile, Delaware is a top performer, with a wage that is higher than 74% of all other positions in the United States – making it a great alternative to the leader of this job type, California, which pays a median wage of around $47,000.

Customer Service Representatives

Finally, there is the classic customer service representatives. 7,030 such reps call Delaware home - making it the 45th most abundant job type in the state, although so far Delaware is lagging behind the national median in regards to job types. Nevertheless, the typical compensation for such a role here is $38,010 - putting Delaware in 8th place for this occupation. This is more than 14% more than the median for all states, and a whopping 98% lower than those employed in Texas, who are the national leaders in this particular position. If you're good at your job, you can find yourself with a 58% bonus potential, moving you closer to Indiana’s median salary of $37,070.

Best Community Colleges in Delaware

Best Community Colleges in Delaware



#1 Best Community Colleges in Delaware

Delaware Technical Community College-Terry

Dover, DE |









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