10-second breakdown:

Muck Rack is a social monitoring PR tool that brings together verified journalists, editors and PR specialists to pitch, monitor and share stories. Recommended for companies looking to connect with media outlets and journalists, and to monitor the reach of their articles.

Muck Rack is used in small (0-50 employees), medium (51-1,000 employees) and enterprise companies (1,000+ employees).

The good:

Muck Rack offers impressive social content monitoring, allowing you to follow a story in real-time. The Muck Rack Daily is a valuable content source as well. You gain access to a wide database of verified journalists and bloggers that you can connect with and pitch to.

The bad:

Muck Rack has yet to implement a CRM integration tool. This would simplify processes between writers and content outlets.

How it works:

Journalists, bloggers and editors can use Muck Rack to create a portfolio and manage the stories they submit. The platform enables them to create a free profile and manage their work there, defining the industries and topics that they would like to be contacted about, for future collaborations.

Using Muck Rack, they can also track their articles, measuring the amount of social shares they got from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Every social interaction will trigger an alert in their inbox, enabling real-time tracking of a timely content piece or a campaign.

Users can also view the number of impressions that each article has had and also the number of shares specifically by verified journalists.

Muck Rack has also created a bookmarklet or browser extension. After installing it, all you have to do is drag-and-drop it to your bookmarks bar, and then click on it whenever you’re on a webpage that you want analyzed. The extension will then open that page in Muck Rack’s “who shared my link” tool and tell you everything you need to know about the number of shares the page got, as well as which journalists posted about it. The bookmarklet can also be used on mobile devices by creating a new bookmark and pasting the following code in the URL field:


Because journalists usually gravitate towards Twitter for the latest news and trending topics, the platform has created its own Muck Rack Daily, which is a curated digest of journalism on Twitter, written by journalists and delivered by email.

Users can also access the Muck Rack newsroom, where they can find popular stories shared by other journalists.

To connect with a journalist who shared a news here, simply click on their name and you’ll be taken to their personal profile.

You can also see a list of top publications. Each media outlet here comes with a list of sources and journalists, that you can add to your media lists.

Marketers and PR specialists can leverage the pro version of the platform to connect with reputable sources, influencers and verified journalists that can promote their stories and join their campaigns.

The advanced search feature falls into this list of pro features.

List management is another pro feature. You can use it to create custom media lists, based on different filters such as geographical location, topic or campaign. Lists are automatically updated within the system in case a journalist changes topics or industries, and is no longer relevant for the pitch you were planning. These media lists are available for export to Excel or PDF.

To pitch a journalist, simply go to their profile and send them a short pitch message.

Recent research shows that two to three paragraphs is the ideal length for an email pitch, according to 58% of the journalists who were interviewed.

Another key discovery is that lack of personalization is the main reason why journalists immediately reject pitches, in addition to irrelevant subject matter, according to 27% of respondents. Also, 68% of reporters and editors say one follow-up about a pitch is acceptable.

Media alerts is also a pro feature, enabling real-time media monitoring. This is an especially useful feature for any PR specialist looking for a source on a fast-developing popular subject or for a company trying to manage a crisis.

Muck Rack alerts will send a notification whenever a source is needed on a topic, when relevant information is being shared on social media or when an important story was just published.

This feature can help track media coverage and social conversations about your brand, monitor campaigns or track industry competitors. You can check out more social media and brand management tools here.

All your data can be exported in presentation-ready PDFs or CSV files.

Muck Rack is one of the platforms bringing PR to the digital age. It brings together valuable journalists, editors and bloggers, enabling marketers and PR specialists to connect with them, pitch ideas and follow the reach of their content online.

It’s an excellent tool for companies looking to get their brand known and their content featured in media publications. You can also use it for a product launch or for marketing and streaming an event.

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